Zorgwaard - Nurse Level 4


Full Time Zorgwaard - Nurse Level 4


Registered Nurse: Level 4

If you think it is not just about a job but about improving people’s lives and making people really better, you might be the person we are looking for…

We, as Yomema, care for care and it is our mission to search for the best candidates for our clients in the Dutch Public Health Care System (hospitals, home-care, mental healthcare). We only work for the best of breed healthcare organizations like Cicero, Zorg-Waard and Heemzicht.

We offer, only to ambitious professionals, the unique possibility for a lifelong learning experience with an attractive salary.

Your journey starts of in The Netherlands and you will be become the director of your next destination. After (!) your working experience in The Netherlands you can go back to your roots. But, we also offer the possibility to extend your career in countries related to the Yomema family (such as Spain, Italy, Portugal or Poland). We are the facilitators of your incredible professional journey and we will make sure that you will have an outstanding candidate experience like you have never experienced before.


What’s in it for you?
* Attractive salary package: 
Approximately from € 26.000 to € 34.000 (before taxes), depending on knowledge 
and experience with great work experience abroad  
* Personal development
* Complete onboarding 
* Housing, transport and 
  education has been taken care of.
You will receive a total of approximately € 1.050 to cover your relocation costs to Holland plus Language course) . 
Start your incredible journey here and apply now! 


Miquel: “I came to Holland last year. From the first contact with the recruiter until my assignment at the hospital, the experience was great. The salary package is better but that wasn’t my main motivation. I was looking for a work experience abroad which is an added value to my resume. In Holland we have really more time for the patient and I was also given the opportunity for more professional development through training and education. Holland is a great healthy country to live in with lots of museums, national parcs, and multicultural food and beverages. Click here to see how other candidates have experienced Yomema.


Who are you?

Being a nurse is not just a profession, it is a passion. You love to take care of your patients with your growing professionality and personality. You have confidence in what you are doing. You are caring, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, and devoted to your job and you have good communication skills. You have a European passport and you can do the job interview with the client in English.

What are you going to do?

Create a healthcare plan and ensure that it is respected so that the client will heal and will be taken care of. The tasks that go with them are washing, dressing and taking care of the patients wounds and inserting probes. You will give injections and medicines. In addition, you must observe and create a patient report.

 Who is our client?

Zorgwaard is an organization in the home care. The client is in the center of attention. It has two locations, which are both very modern nursing homes. It includes the most modern technology. There are multiple departments for several target audiences, such as somatic care, gerontopsychiatric clients, revalidation, etcetera. There are also small-scale homes for 6 to 8 clients in psychogeriatric care.

Because of the multiple departments, there are several levels in several functions.

That is why we pay a lot of attention to good working conditions and pleasant working relationships and we 

invest a lot in training and development. “


Education and background

European Nursing degree

Experience is a nice to have but also freshly graduates are welcome in our project.

The Yomema Program

First, we will see with which organization you will match. You will be tested and have several interviews with our recruiters and with your potential employer. Also, you will visit the Netherlands in a real-life meeting day. 

 As Yomema we think it is very important that you feel at home in The Netherlands and are equal to your colleagues.

For this reason we prepare you well: we start with language and culture training. The first part of this training takes approximately two months and is intensive, around 30 hours a week. After this intensive part you will receive a few days of education and a few days to get started in the organization.

When you are fully educated and registered, you will start working for your employer.

 Interested in starting this adventure? Apply now!

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