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  1. If your profile matches with the described profile you can apply;
  2. YOMEMA searches for a healtchcare institute in the Netherlands where the internship and the side job can take place;
  3. PAY ATTENTENTION: The trajectory will take place in the elderly care and not in the hospital context;
  4. After the application, there is an interview followed by several assessments. (Selection phase);
  5. If you are selected, you will start a 6-week language course in Indonesia to learn basic Dutch up to level A1 (online prelearning course). When you do not pass this prelearning course, the Yomema program will unfortunately end for you;
  6. If you pass this prelearning course, you may continue in the language course up to B1;
  7. After completing the language course, you will take the mentorship program in which both intercultural and nursing content will be taught;
  8. You'll fly to The Netherlands to start your education and mandatory study of 4 years in total;
  9. After finalizing your education program of 4 years (you've graduated), you can be offered a job at either the company where you have done your internship or at another employer within the YOMEMA network. 



1. Level of Education
Your English language level must be sufficient at A2/B1 level;
S1 or D-IV with NERS.(fresh graduates are welcome to apply), or
S1 or D-IV with STR with at least 1 year experience.
2. Age
Preferably aged 22 - 32 years.

3. Working Experience
Not necessary for S1 or DIV with NERS.
Minimum 1-year experience for S1 or DIV without NERS.

4. Holidays: 
14 days per year regarding the side job. This does not include Easter, Pentecostal Holidays, Christmas nor New Years.
A school year consists of 40 teaching weeks.

5. Study load:
40 hours/week (1 schoolday, 2 internship days, 2 side job days) 



  1. For this program there are no study costs for you. (1 retake is included, if you need more retakes in the study program both in Indonesia and in the Netherlands they will be at your expense)
  2. Housing is arranged by YOMEMA or the healthcare institutions.
  3. Housing rent in the Netherlands is being payed by yourself from your own salary.
  4. Overall (indication) you will earn €2,000 gross per month, which is €1,000 net per month.
  5. Tax declaration is arranged for you by an external company at a fixed annual rate.


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