Senior Software Developer

Tulsa, OK

Opportunity Details

Full Time Senior Software Developer

Tulsa, OK

                                                 Senior Software Developer


  1. Primary Purpose of job:


         Perform development, testing, debugging and documenting of programs for computer-based systems.  Provide maintenance and support of computer-based systems.    


  1. B.     Major functions for this position starting with the most important and ending with the least important.


  1. Product Development and Engineering (90%)
  1. Write, modify, extend and debug software based on QuikTrip’s Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process.

  2. Adheres to QuikTrip’s coding standards and best practices.

  3. Have extensive knowledge of development tools/environments utilized by QuikTrip.

  4. Utilize thorough understanding of complex database concepts and practices during development process.

  5. Possesses and apply working knowledge of multiple programming languages utilized by QuikTrip during development process.

  6. Resolve technical issues related to software problems utilizing excellent customer service skills, problem solving skills, and technical thinking/reasoning skills following established support process and metrics guidelines.

  7. Measure and analyze incoming software issues to determine root cause and develop technical and training solutions to minimize reoccurrences and severity; report results to management.

  8. Accurately document all customer issues, resolution steps, and gather feedback in support tracking software to enhance identifying and reporting trends leading to recurring technical problems.

  9. Develop and publish support documentation for internal users for troubleshooting, training and other areas as needed.

  10. Gather and forward customer feedback and suggestions for product improvement.

  11. May perform the following functions of a Product Technical Owner on occasion:

      1. Ensure that implementation plans for the product features and user stories are consistent with QuikTrip’s architecture, technology and development standards.

      2. Ensure that Quality and Security are carried throughout product development and product lifecycle management.

      3. Accountable for all aspects of technological performance of the product including software, hardware, database, nonfunctional requirements, etc.

      4. Plan product releases for rolling 12 months.

      1. Manages technical debt (backlog) of the product.

      2. Determine resource and skill sets requirements by sprint.

      3. Organize and plan technology roadmap advancements for assigned products.

      4. Alert any product related conflicts to the Product Portfolio Manager.

      1. Ensure consistency in design on various products within their portfolio by following reference architecture provided by enterprise architecture, and engage architecture whenever exceptions need to be made.

      2. Assist with User Story, Bug and other Work Item delivery and acceptance as well as technical documentation such as current state diagrams and process flows for use in driving architectural and procedural decisions.

      3. Be a contributor to the success of product development and delivery by facilitating working groups or directly contributing to coding efforts, code reviews, testing and/or other work when needed.

      4. Provide supporting information as needed for service management of assigned products including properly logging and prioritization of identified issues in the backlog.

      5. Coordinates delivery efforts across one or more development teams including arbitration of technical conflicts and decisions.

      6. Holds Development, Technical, Professional Services, Data, and other IT teams accountable within the framework of the product.



  1. Training (5%)
  1. Seek input from team members and supervisors on areas to improve skill set.

  2. Actively apply feedback received into day-to-day work and strives to improve performance.

  3. Actively train on new systems and new technologies as they are incorporated into use by QuikTrip.

  4. Actively utilize training outlets as necessary improve development skills.  This could take the form of multiple items, including but not limited to self-study, in-house classes, seminars or online training.

  5. Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending on-going training workshops, reviewing professional publications, reviewing industry best practices/procedures and reviewing new technologies to determine fit within the organization.

  6.  Actively train junior developers on application development skills or system knowledge through mentoring, knowledge transfer, code review, and shadowing.


  1. Administration and Communication (5%)
  1. Listen to others and accept input from team members.

  2. Clearly articulate ideas and thoughts both in verbal and written formats.

  3. Accurately prepare written business correspondence that is coherent, grammatically correct, effective and professional.

  4. Timely communicate status updates with the project manager or lead, the project team, and/or key customers and supervisor regarding specific assignments and overall scheduling/coordination needs.

  5. Accurately record project and trouble call work assignment updates within timeframes determined by departmental standards or individual supervisors.

      1. Record time tracking.

      2. Identify individual task progress.

      3. Identify task completion.


C.     Position in Organization


         Reports to:                                  Software Engineering Manager or Product Portfolio Manager


         Directly supervises:                    N/A


         Indirectly supervises:                  N/A


D.     Relationships


         Inside the Company:                  Information Technology staff and primary users of systems from other departments.


         Outside the Company:                External software company’s technical staff.



E.     Position Specifications


         The required specifications (education, experience, and skills) are those that the employee must have to hold the position.  Applicants applying for this position must possess the required specifications in order to be considered for the job.  The desired specifications are those that are not required for the employee to hold the position, but the employee should try to obtain the desired education, experience, and/or skills to be effective and successful in the position. 


  1.               High school graduate or equivalent.  College or technical school courses in one or more programming languages used at QuikTrip and passes the QuikTrip programming language test with a score of 55% or better.


  1.                College degree, preferably in MIS or Math.


  1.              5-8 years’ experience in programming applications.  Familiar with all aspects of systems analysis, design, and installation procedures in a business environment.


  1.                            8+ years’ professional experience in programming. Two plus years in system analysis in a business environment.


  1.                       Competent and knowledgeable of the entire programming range of duties.  Programming skills in at least one of QuikTrip’s programming languages.  Knowledge of computer hardware, operating systems used at QuikTrip and SQL Server and/or DB2.  Should have good problem-solving skills.  Familiar with a variety of IT concepts, practices and procedures. Good written and verbal communication skills and time management skills.


  1.                                     Able to code programs in any programming language used at QuikTrip on any piece of equipment used at QuikTrip.
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